Estuary English - Memphis Industries Vol 1 Reviewed

Estuary English
Estuary English - Memphis Industries Vol 1 Reviewed
Estuary English
Memphis Industries Vol 1
February 24th

Matt used to twat his brother Ollie round the back of the head with a plastic fish. But that was when Matt was five and Ollie was two. They don't do that kind of thing anymore. Much. Instead, putting plastic fish to one side, the brothers decided that what the world needed was another record label. So since October 1998, they've have been hawking their Memphis Industries branded goods in various record shops around the world.

The first release slipped out like a new born foal, all covered in cack and slightly wobbly, but Blue States' and Memphis' debut record "Blue States Forever" picked up an enthusiastic critical following. Unfortunately, for reasons best known to himself, Ollie threw out the masters. And Memphis sold all 500. So they couldn't include the very lovely "Colossus" on this compilation like they wanted to.

Estuary English @
Estuary English @

Now, 23 records and a T-shirt later Memphis have decided to celebrate their 25th offering by gathering together highlights from past, present, and future. So we kick off with a brand new track from new signings The Go! Team's "Ladyflash" an exuberant sampledelic romp which goes round the outside, or something like that. Which leads into the sublime and anthemic "Saturday", from another recent addition to the Memphis fold, J. Xaverre. Memphis mainstays Blue States and Broadway Project weigh in with choice cuts from their debut albums, the Greek spaghetti western sound of "Elios Therepia", the heartbreaking "Femme Fatale" respectively. Then there's Fort Lauderdale, and their alter egos The Black Neon and The Squire of Somerton, indulging in all kinds of genre bending psychedelic schizophrenia. The Soulsavers grace us with their presence with "Revolution Song" - taking time out from their day job to donate a one off recording to Memphis, from a forthcoming split 7" with Broadway Project - and New York's Jukeboxer serve up an intriguing blend of boy girl harmonies and off kilter arrangements. Finally, bringing up the rear is Ollie's ace but on ice project La Mouche.

And as if appearing on one CD wasn't enough for the upstanding gentlefolk of Memphis, they've also decided to host their very first night together, 27th February at 93ft East - J. Xaverre and Blue States are playing live, and the rest of the Memphis coterie will be variously DJing, throwing shapes and generally swanning around like they own the place. Which they clearly don't.

So there you have it. A Memphis refresher course and a catalogue of future triumphs wrapped up in one pocket sized package. And if you want to know why its called Estuary English, call up Ollie or Matt. I think their mangled vowels will make it clear. 'Estuary English' is released February 24th.


1. The Go! Team - Ladyflash
2. J. Xaverre - Saturday (version)
3. Blue States - Elios Therepia
4. Fort Lauderdale - Beauty
5. Broadway Project - Femme Fatale
6. The Squire of Somerton - The Hollywood Stud
7. Jukeboxer - Sea Chantey
8. The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart
9. La Mouche - The Road
10. Fort Lauderdale - The Playboy's Demise

11. The Black Neon - You're So Vain
12. The Soulsavers - Revolution Song
13. Jukeboxer - Won't You Sing With Now I Know My
14. The Squire of Somerton - Transverberations
15. Broadway Project - For the One
16. Blue States - What We've Won
17. J. Xaverre - I Promised Myself (version)

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