Early November - The Room's Too Cold - Album Review

Early November - The Room’s Too Cold
Early November - The Room’s Too Cold - Album Review

Early November
The Room’s Too Cold

The emo tide is sweeping in and attempting to wash away ignorance and apathy, because it is all about heart on sleeve lyrics you see? The intriguingly named singer Ace, certainly adds feeling to the band with his Christopher Ender Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional) vocal style, complementing the crisp and tangling guitars, with accompanied by thumping drumbeats. ‘Ever So Sweet’ and ‘Sesame Smeshame’ are typical emo tracks that follow standard so much that Dashboard Confessional will think he has a stalker.

Music - Early November - The Room’s Too Cold - Album Review

The variety to the album is found in the almost Staind like ‘The Course Of Human Life’ that starts of in a slowly maudlin drum led manner, before reaching a crescendo of abrasive guitars and pelting drumbeats. This is bound to wake the listener up from his/her comfortable emo slumber. Ace’s vocals take on a jagged nu metal edge in this track about human nature and its fickleness. There is a neat, haunting track entitled ‘The Mountain Range In My Living Room’ that could easily be heard on the soundtrack to chillers like the recent ‘Cabin Fever’. There is certainly a more chilling and eclectic side to ‘Early November’, than other bands in the category in which they have been pigeon holed, including Dashboard Confessional.

David Adair

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