EARLIMART - Everyone Down Here reviewed. Released 09/06/03 on PALM

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Everyone Down Here reviewed. Released 09/06/03 on PALM

It is difficult to tell from listening to the album that Earlimart is predominantly just one man, given the instrumental and vocal variety contained within the album. The status quo arose due to the original line up being tore apart in 2001, the polite term "musical differences " may well apply. What is plain for all to see is that the predicament Aaron Espinoza finds himself in, serves only to bolster the sincerity of his music, and being uninhibited by the demands of others, simply adds to his variety and he epitomises the catchy phrase that decorates the front page of the Earlimart website (www.earlimartmusic.com): "Don't give up on your dreams".

The first track "We're so happy (we left the piano in the truck)" is a chirpy, catchy & simple tune. It has the melodic indie feel of a Coldplay track, coupled with the sincerity and straightforward nature of honest modern punk bands like of Instruction and Sugarcult. It is not as lively and upbeat instrumentally as the
EARLIMART - Everyone Down Here reviewed. Released 09/06/03 on PALM @ www.contactmusic.com
EARLIMART - Everyone Down Here reviewed. Released 09/06/03 on PALM @ www.contactmusic.com

title suggests, but gives you a warm contented feeling when you listen to it. After a melodic medium paced start the fourth track 'Lost at Sea' takes things to another level in a ninety second tidal wave of with crashing guitars, high pitched vocals and doleful lyrics about love and things that aren't meant to be:

"I'm the boy lost at sea, everything given up for free,
wash my mouth out constantly, sure looks good, but she's not for me. "

The punk spirit is quelled somewhat in the rest of the album in favour of sincere melodic instrumentals and Chris Martin meets Roddy Woomble style vocals, as evidenced on 'Hospital' in which Aaron prophetically provides an insight into the fate of some this years festival goers:

"I'm in the hospital, fun summer drinks, I'm in the hospital. "

Good friends Jim and Jason from Grandaddy, who have made quite a stir over here help out in 'We drink On The Job' and 'Big ol' Black Box'. The latter being a clever mournful ballad about the past and how it haunts us. Earlimart epitomise the DIY ethic and are a credit to the indie scene. If you want to make a protest about manufactured pop, then buying 'Everyone Down Here' is as good a way as any.

David Adair


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