Doom 3 - PC Review

Doom 3

Doom 3 - PC Review

Doom 3 - PC Review

Ok, I think we should start with a history lesson not long after the creation of Castle Wolfenstein 3D (1992), debatably the original first person perspective game, id software decided they could do better. So in 1993 along came “Doom” with its new 3D engine and multiplayer options it set the game playing world alight. By the end of 1994 id software had created Doom 2 a version that was not dramatically more advanced than the original but id had taken level creation to the next level. So with millions of copies sold and an ever increasing fan base id software set out on a journey to create the ultimate in first person games………….

So why have we had to wait 10 years? id knew that they had created a monster genre and titles such as Quake and Half-life were flooding the market and satisfying gamers needs so they had to go one better and create the ultimate 3D world.

  Doom 3 - PC Review

So the big question is have they managed it?

It’s 2145, you are a marine sent to Mars to investigate some strange goings on. On your journey through the dimly lit labs you can interact with other members of the crew or collected their discarded PDA’s which contain clues to help you on your way. There is no real story line that you need to be bothered about and apart from the odd hallucination just be bothered about wading into hell all guns blazing.

The game itself is a remake of the original incarnations so most of the weapons and monsters will be familiar from the start apart from the fact that the advanced modelling makes them far more realistic than ever. On the weapons front apart from a torch there is only one new weapon the SoulCube this doesn’t come into play till the end of the game but involves killing 5 enemies and capturing their souls to charge it up….sounds complicated but you will soon get to grips with it. Now back to the torch! Even though the year is 2145 the marine corp hasn’t seen fit to supply it ranks with any kind of night vision or even weapons with torches attached! This is probably my main gripe with the game, many of the levels are dimly lit or even pitch black and the only means of light is a hand flashlight circa 1972 it may add to the atmospherics but in my view hampers the game play and in some cases hides the beautifully rendered surroundings. Let’s hope that a weapons mode comes out soon……..

On the enemy front all the old favourites are in there plus a few more to keep you on your toes, all of which are individual works of art and improved AI behaviour. One of the creepiest monsters are the Cherub’s that first appear in the recycling sector two area, these are giant insect grubs with babies heads!

Controls are intuitive and easily customisable to fit your style of play so you won’t have any problems there. Multiplay is a breeze with fast and furious fun but lacks co-op modes and some of the refinements of other titles.

Finally Doom 3 is a work of art and has set the graphical standard for the others to follow but is lacking on game play and the “unpredictable” becomes predictable after a couple of hours. This remake of the old classic should defiantly become part of your collection if only to show your mates how good your graphics card is…..


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