Dance EJAY 6 - Rival the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha or Jeff Mills!

Dance eJay 6
Music - Sean Paul - SINGLE: 'I'm Still In Love With You', featuring Sasha RELEASE DATE: January 5th, 2004 Music - Sean Paul - SINGLE: 'I'm Still In Love With You', featuring Sasha RELEASE DATE: January 5th, 2004
Rival the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha or Jeff Mills!

Computers have always been great for making music. Going back in time as far as 12 or 13 year ago the nations underground clubs throbbed with Atari ST driven dance music.

Kids in bedrooms the nation wide have re-architected “what we know as popular music” with less recording equipment than ever before!!

If you have never created your own music….now is the time to start!

• Dance eJay 6 is the ultimate audio production suite for your PC! Select from 4,000 brand new studio-quality sounds or use the 5 virtual instruments, CD grabbing function and Recording Studio to create your own unique samples. Fine-tune your music using the new editing tools in the Arranger or simply create a mix ’on the fly’ in Live Jam mode.

Revolutionise your music with an amazing 4,000 stunning Hard Dance samples, enhanced futuristic graphics, improved

Dance eJay 6 - Rival the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha or Jeff Mills!
instruments and the all-new Curve Editing functionality that allow the user to actually vary parameters over time, allowing even more musical creativity than ever before! With this cutting edge musical technology users can produce hard and fast club music to rival the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha or Jeff Mills!

Finally, add visuals in the 3D VJ Box! Full Features:
• 4,000 brand new royalty-free dance, club and lounge samples

• Styles: Trance, Hard House, Electro, House, Pop, Chillout, Easy Listening and many more Stylish 48-track Arranger in CD quality for creative compositions

• NEW Curve Edit functionality – change volume, pan, echo, reverb and chorus levels over time on a per track basis

• NEW Zoom function for a precise overview and close-up editing of curve points

• NEW Live Jam mode – trigger looped samples on or off using your keyboard or mouse

• NEW Polyphonic Mophonix Synth – compose melodies of up to 4 bars with sounds you have made yourself!

• NEW Mophonix Supabass – synthesizer for creating bass riffs from scratch

• Hyper X Generator – program authentic polyphonic melodies into your mixes

• Bass X Generator – program realistic basslines directly into your mix

• Groove Generator drum computer and sequencer– Now with Shuffle function! (over 500 drum sounds included)

• Voice Generator – transforms text to create crazy vocal samples

• NEW Sample Search – refine your search and find that specific sample!

• Extensive FX Studio including Wave Editor and Time & Tune

• NEW! Recording Studio – record from any soundcard input – CD, microphone, instruments or any
external device

• 3D VJ Box – arrange visuals to go with your mixes (2000 objects supplied)

• Direct grabbing from CD for remixing

• Fully backwardly compatible with Dance eJay 5 and Techno eJay 4

• Access to the exclusive eJay Online Sound Archive with thousands of extra samples

• New graphical interface and full drag & drop support – now even more user-friendly

Download the demo now:

If the demo version has blown you away, why not order Dance eJay 6 at and get £5 off!
£24.99 instead of £29.99. Simply enter this code: A6196674-6D76

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