Cricket 2004 PC Review

Cricket 2004

Cricket 2004 PC Review

The folks at EASports and HB Studios have delivered Cricket 2004, the next level of cricket simulation. Can Cricket 2004 PC finally give the cricket fans the thrill they so desperately seek?

Along with all of the international teams and bonus squads, EA SPORTS Cricket 2004 includes domestic teams and competitions from England and Australia .
Test matches as well as One-day Internationals are also included in this game. In addition to the tournaments that you have come to know and love from EA SPORTS Cricket, Season modes will also be a highlight of this game.

With new Motion Capture and a new Development Platform, not to mention the inclusion of form and injury, the game play is more true to life than ever before.
For the Cricketing fanatic there will be no end to the detail. A


large variety of statistical graphs are available including run rate, wagon wheel graphs, as well as a huge amount of stats on every player that will track over the course of a tournament. The game revolves around a full TV style presentation including a full action replay mode, third umpire, animated ducks, TV style overlays, field position editor and much more. The field position editor will allow for auto or manual fielding.

Over 60 stadia have been modeled from all over the world, including England (Lords), Calcutta, Melbourne, Auckland, Cape Town, Barbados and Lahore. The detail in the stadia is amazing. Lighting and shadows of the highest grade coupled with real time weather all add to the authenticity of the playing experience.

Although this game is an improvement on Cricket 2002 I feel it could have been better, and hopefully in the coming years, it will be better. For the mean time, Cricket 2004 PC is a great distraction while you wait for the next test match to start, or while you wait for the action to come back due to rain. Don't expect too much from it, it is a pretty simple game really, but I think most cricket fans should enjoy it. From a low budget and small development house, I'd certainly call Cricket 2004 a pretty good effort.

  • Over 50 teams and over 1000 players
  • Domestic teams and players.
  • Full licenses from the ACB, ECB, NZ Cricket and the South African Cricket team.
  • 61 accurately modelled stadia, including various pitch types and conditions, detailed real time weather effects, and night modes for Day/Night matches.
  • Astonishingly high detail in the players' faces and bodies, including varied player sizes.
  • All new Motion Capture allowing improved player animations including form and injuries.
  • Commentary by the legendary Richie Benaud, Jim Maxwell.
  • Huge depth of gameplay including domestic teams and tournaments.
  • Simple and intuitive controls improving on the best features from previous cricket games.
  • Huge 3D stadium sound effects based on real crowd sounds from all over the world. Crowd effects change to reflect peaks and troughs in the game.
  • Pitches reflect the real conditions around the world and will wear over the course of a test match.
  • TV style gameplay including TV overlays and a detailed replay feature allowing the player to view the action from an infinite number of camera angles.
  • Highlight Save Feature – PC
  • Full Player Editor allows players to change/create features of players throughout the game.
  • Flexible play allows the player to be fully involved in the selection of batsmen and bowlers, the placing of fielders. Chose manual fielding, or simply let the intelligent AI position your fielders for you.
  • 4 Player, (consoles), with 2 player co-operative play



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