Corrigan - How to hang off a rope: Bright Star Recordings.

Corrigan: How to hang off a rope
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Corrigan: How to hang off a rope: Bright Star Recordings.

Corrigan: How to hang off a rope:
Bright Star Recordings.

It is a commonly accepted fact that some of the best stories and most interesting people come out of small towns. Martin Corrigan hails from Boho, County Fermanagh and with small town simplicity lends his own name to that of his band, maybe to avoid confusion. This promising debut album contains songs covering all the themes you’d expect from a band that has lived life in a small town: friendship, hope, rejection and relationships covering a range of musical styles from punk to country and western.
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Loneliness rears its ugly head early on in the album, in the unique eery story of “McCarthur” backed by raw guitar riffs and timely electronic keyboard intervention:

“There were only four men left on the face of the planet and three
of them were called Jones, so McCarthur decided to take himself to the hills and be alone.”

The story unwinds into a blood thirsty tale of deception and hatred. This is accompanied by lively music, which will have your moving more times than a Woodpecker at a juicy elm tree. The 3rd track you won’t hear on the radio: “America Is Waiting”, a Nick Cave meets Placebo with Irish folk mixed in, kind of tune, because it contains the lyrics:

“We parted over a whore,
I’ve sent a boat out for ya, cos brother here comes the war”

Of course the song is nothing to do with war, merely about following a dream.

The standout track on a simple but clever album is the Country and Western styled “Water Ballad”. The confessions of a member of a gang of water thieves is told with chilling Dostevsky like honesty, which has you feeling for sympathy for the main protagonist. The group deviates from its plan of non violent theft, as members got greedy:

“Well I don’t know why? But Jim started shooting; he killed 4 of the men and 3 of the women. I found out later he wasted 8 shots in total, well then I’d use one
on him!”

This tale was told against the backdrop of a steady drumbeat and eery guitar riffs and has everything you’d want from a Clint Eastwood classic, all this in just over four minutes.

The album contains a haunting love song “Crumble”, which adds to the eclectic nature of Corrigan’s material and leaves you thinking that no topic is safe from the Corrigan treatment. All that remains to be said is put on those musical blinkers and enter the wonderful world of Corrigan, your views will never be the same again.

David Adair

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