Clarkesville - The Half Chapter - Released 21/07/2003 - Reviewed

Clarkesville: The Half Chapter
Clarkesville: The Half Chapter Released 21/07/2003 Reviewed

The Half Chapter
Released 21/07/2003
Wildstar Records

At the tender age of twenty two, the Walsall born Michael Clarke (alias Clareskesville)should not have a cynical yet sharp understanding of human nature and the fragilityof human emotion. This is expressed from the inception of this album in ‘Evergreen’:

“You can read me like a front-page story
sometimes coloured though often black and white.
Flick right through me or leave me on the stand,
or you can rip me up with your bands.”

This is sung in a slow melancholic manner with a mixture of vocal influences, from Cliff Richard to James Dean Bradfield as the passion is evident in his voice throughout the album. Neil Primrose the drummer from Travis appears on the album, which is a good an indication as any into the mood portrayed.

Music - Clarkesville - The Half Chapter - Review
Music - Clarkesville - The Half Chapter - Review

Clarke has spent time in Amsterdam with his parents where they ran a drop in centre for recovering drug addicts, so titles like ‘Just Kills Me’, ’Secret File’ and ‘Heavy Soul’ are not just indications a sanctimonious sucker feeding on the lucrative life loathing market, as he has seen what life can be like. The theme of lost love and the way it leaves you feeling is grappled with and brought to the ground, like a Sean Edwards tackle in ‘The Last Man Standing’. This is a Richard Ashcroft meets Pearl Jam with a hint of Travis style number.

What makes the album is the life enhancing great American dream endorsing ‘Everyone Will Have Their Day’ sang with authentic tenderness by Martin, which keeps it on the right side of cheesiness. One listen to the lyrics is sure to get rid of your doubts far quicker than security removing a royal family party gatecrasher:

“Everybody’s got someone to be, so just be true.
And keep your sights fixed on the road ahead and you’ll get through.”

This debut album is merely a ten track teaser, which merely hints at what Clarkesville are capable of.

David Adair

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