Buck 65 - Album - Square Reviewed

Buck 65 - Square Album Review

Review of Buck 65's album Square released on Warners

Buck 65 - Square Album ReviewRichard Tefry had two main passions in his life, Baseball & hip hop. Being scouted by the New York Yankees was always his main dream but music, was the passion Richard decided to focus on, Buck 65 began. Many DJs who compete in this genre seem too content to let the (often repetitive) music play without adding new and original elements to the mix so that the listener is taken on some kind of a journey, You would expect an album with tracks lasting as long as 16 minutes on it to get a little repetitive and maybe mind numbing but this is not the case with Squares, Buck 65 has created a four part album that has many diverse tempos, beats and rhythms.

Square is made up of 4 different sections, even though technically there are only 4 tracks each section features many different styles, the whole album blends so many different interpretations when listening you do think that is quite a similar thing that other artists may use, for example square one opens in a very simple way similar to Money Mark but then as the track continues you can hear bits of Mixmaster Mike and the rhymes of Jurassic 5. Square is hip hop mixed with memorable melodies and mellow rhymes. To break the album down Buck 65 has made an album he ought to be very proud of he produced the hour long album by himself as well as doing all the DJing and MCing. It's not too over the top but serves its purpose, you could easily listen to this album in the background without getting frustrated that you have to listen carefully to it, yet when you do have a good listen, the intricacy of each track becomes apparent and you notice how good it really is.

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