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Buck 65
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Buck 65 Biog


Someone who makes music as unique as Buck 65 must have an interesting story. Here's your chance to learn much as you ever will....

They said he wouldn't make it. Buck 65 was a sick baby. Now look: the geezer's got grey hair. He's got drift wood art in his yard. Sometimes he comes out on Sunday's. Maybe you've seen him at the flea market. He pushes around a custom shopping cart, buys the records no one else wants and bags of fudge.

They tell stories about him. The rumors are numerous. Something about the Yankees. They say he was on Sesame Street once. Did you hear the one about him and Sonic Youth? What's all this about living in a tree? Ask him now and he'll say all of it's horse feathers.

Buck 65 @ www.contactmusic.com
Buck 65 @ www.contactmusic.com
What we do know for sure, is that he makes some kind of music. But the devil knows what to call it. It goes back to '88 or so. Some say he used to be a b-boy back in '82, but that hardly seems believable. The music is something of a dog's breakfast and word is, he makes it out of lawn-mower parts and twine. Makes no sense...

He could be anywhere from 18 to 45 years of age. And if you cleaned him up, he wouldn't be bad lookin'. He's got a degree in Biology and he keeps his diploma folded up in his sock. He smells like a campfire.

He's big on Gene Vincent and Buster Keaton movies. He speaks at least a little bit of six or seven languages. He knows how to fix bicycles and radios and installs air conditioning units if the price is right. He's a piece of work, that's for sure.



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