Battlefield 1942 PC Review

Battlefield 1942 "The Road to Rome"
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Battlefield 1942 "The Road to Rome" Reviewed On PC

If you read our review of Battlefield 1942 you will realise just how much we love this game. I am personally a Battlefield junkie so as soon as "The Road to Rome" dropped through our letter box I stuffed it up my jumper and headed for the hills. RTR plays identically to the main game but includes six new maps representing actual WWII battles - Anzio (Italy), Salerno (Italy), Monte Santa Croce (Italy), Monte Cassino (Italy), Calabria (Italy), and Sicily. All maps have great terrain and modeling the hills ridges and beachheads look amazing and really add to the heart pounding realism.

There are plenty of great new toys including an RAF Mosquito and the US M3 GMC a halftrack equipped with a rear machine gun and an anti-tank cannon. There are also bayonet rifles for close quarters and an SMG for spraying lead. The game as with the original contains a great multiplayer option that supports up to 64 players but make sure the server you log onto can cope otherwise its lag city.

This pack still contains many of the original bugs from the first game but to go through them again would just be petty as the game is as near as dam it perfect. If you were one of the strange bunch who didn't like the original Battlefield 1942 then this expansion pack isn't groundbreaking enough to convert your warped mind. If on the other hand you're a BF junkie like yours truly then this is sure to float your boat….enjoy.


Battlefield 1942 "The Road to Rome" Review On PC @


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