Armies of Exigo - PC Review

Armies of Exigo

Armies of Exigo – PC Review

Armies of Exigo – PC Review

Worlds collide in Armies of Exigo, a fantasy RTS where the boundaries of the battlefield are broken and war is waged both above and below the ground. This game brings together the usual fantasy civilizations as elves, beasts, knights, and creatures of the darkness all lock in a battle for supremacy and survival.

In the world of Exigo, where peace and prosperity have reigned for years, the empire of man and beast face their greatest threat yet. A sinister force known as The Fallen has awakened to strike where the inhabitants of this world least expect - from underground.

The in-game-play will have you taking control of massive armies, waging wars in the forests and river valleys of the surface and then descending into the caverns and catacombs of the underworld to face off against the dark evil.

  Armies of Exigo – PC Review

Armies on all sides will have the ability to delve deep underground to travel unseen by foes or borrow up to the surface to unleash powerful attacks on unsuspecting enemies. The gamer must devise strategies for combat and defense as attacks can come from any direction.

Conquer as the heavily fortified Empire and control an army of knights, dwarves, elves and gnomes. Ravage the plains with the nomadic Beasts, leading tribes of ogres, trolls and other fantastic creatures. Emerge from deep to consume the world of light with The Fallen - a powerful force of dark elves, fallen warriors, swarming insects and other horrific creatures of the dark.

Engage in an epic three-part single player campaign and save the world of Exigo from the evil that threatens to plunge the world into darkness. Or go online for massive multiplayer skirmishes with up to eight players striving to conquer the surface and underworld. Success can only be achieved through a balance of military might and strategic alliances.

Graphically Armies of Exigo is stunning, the detail on the 3D characters is fantastic and there is generally a huge amount of on screen action. If you can launch some magic you will really see some fireworks. The scenery and landscapes are great too, the dual-layer map system lets you battle above and below ground at the same time and in some missons this is totally essential. The cutscenes in Armies of Exigo are second to none. This is as close to a cinematic cut scene as you are likely to get. This all helps to immerse you into the game but I feel there is nothing truly original about this game or its game-play. Buy Armies of Exigo and you get a game that looks state of the art but plays like an old RTS title. If the developers, Black Hole Games, want to take the Armies of Exigo series further then they must update the game-play and look at some battle features that are going to challenge the likes of Blizzards Warcraft and Starcraft titles without being copyist.

Key Features

· Control any of three different armies: The Empire (knights, wizards, elves), The Beast (ogres, trolls, lizardmen), and The Fallen (dark elves, fallen knights and creatures of the deep).

· Wage war on two fronts simultaneously - above and below the surface - with a unique dual layered map system.

· Stunning 3D visuals bring the characters and environments to life.

· Immerse yourself in a fully interactive world: Blow up bridges, destroy damns to flood the underworld, create avalanches to take out your enemies, cause subterranean lava flows to erupt aboveground, and dig tunnels from the surface into the caverns below.

· Engage the enemy with an army of up to 200 units for massive real time battles.

· Change the landscape of both the surface and underground by deploying units, such as Miners, and casting spells, such as Earthquake and Volcano.

· Single-player includes a three-part campaign and skirmish mode to battle computer-controlled players.

· Go online and play in one of four multiplayer modes: Melee, Arena, Mission , and Free-for-all.


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