An Pierle - Helium Sunset (Artful Records)

An Pierle - Helium Sunset
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An Pierle - Helium Sunset (Artful Records).

An Pierle
Helium Sunset
(Artful Records)

Mournful piano fuelled numbers sang by An Pierle in her maudlin Kate Bush meets Patti Smith with a dash of Sarah Brightman style vocals, is not going to get rid of the Monday morning blues or whatever blues you have, but it is still strangely soothing and cathartic. The opening title ‘Sorry’ says it all really, being a ballad about regret and the frightening nature of feelings. There is no doubting An’s talents as she provides the tingling piano accompaniment to most of the tunes and with her ability to manage more upbeat, almost Christina Aquillera style vocals in order to pull off a bubbly pop tune in ‘Sing Song Sally’, provides an edge to her second album.

Music - An Pierle - Helium Sunset (Artful Records).

‘Nobody’s Fault’ incorporates a neat, slow duet with Koen Gisen featuring Aqualung styled instrumentals makes it a moving experience. Belgium is not renowned for producing stirring and captivating artists, but there is certainly a British feel to An’s succinct and poignant lyrics and her musical style. ‘Sister’ encapsulates the mood of the album, with the lyrics taking on a cynical society doubting tone;

‘I’ve got a pretty face which automatically implies I’m dumb’.

A tour with Coldplay would certainly not be unwarranted.

David Adair

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