Adam Green - Friends Of Mine reviewed - Rough Trade 23/07/2003

Adam Green
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Friends Of Mine reviewed ( Rough Trade 23/07/2003)

There comes a time in everyone's life, however popular they might be, when loneliness stalks them like a stranger. This is the time when you need to listen to sincere and antithesis of conventional Adam Green, because life isn't straightforward. A self professed loner whose whimsical diversity was there for all to see, in his previous project The Mouldy Peaches 2000, now he has given it a degree of subtlety and added an extra dimension to his act with upbeat, melodic acoustic tunes and poetic lyrics. The opening number 'Bluebirds' with Ian McCulloch meets Richard Ashcroft vocals and lively instrumentals, are a

Adam Green - Friends Of Mine reviewed ( Rough Trade 23/07/2003) @
perfect platform for his sharp lyrics about the two faced aspect of human nature:

"Bluebirds are so natural I wanna buy them for my friends,
Bluebirds are so dismissal and I want to trade mine in."

Being pigeon holed into the veteran category at the age of 21 is something Adam seems to have relished, having broken free from the chains that bound him to producing crude and bland lyrics in his aforementioned previous project. This debut studio album starts off in an upbeat yet mournful mood, with tracks like number three: 'Jessica Simpson' being a melodic and meaningful number on the dark topic of cynicism:

"Jessica Simpson where has your love gone? It's not in your music, no.
You need a vacation to wake up the cavemen and take them to Mexico."

Towards the end of this well paced and variety packed 15 track album the crude devil that shocked us all in the Moldy Peaches2000, finally fights its way to the surface and expands in 'No Legs', which makes some of Adam's previous bands songs seem like Coldplay covers:

"There's no wrong way to fuck a girl with no legs,
Just tell her you love her as she's crawling away."

The most intriguing song is' I wanna die' in which young Mr Green poetically advocates that there is a better place than this earth:

"There's a bakery in the night sky,
I Wanna die because the Government lie."

There is something for everyone in "Friends Of Mine", which leaves open the question as to where Adam will go from here as he certainly has the potential and variety to go solo, but also you get the feeling that the spirit of The Moldy Peaches2000 has yet to be exorcised from within him.

David Adair


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