ABSOLUT TRACKS - launches October 7 th


ABSOLUT TRACKS - launches October 7 th

www.absoluttracks.com launches October 7 th

European producers spin the ABSOLUT brand’s creative work into music

Spain ’s Wally Lopez, Russia’s DJ V adim, Ger many’s Monica Kruse and Poland’s Jacek Sienkiewicz – are continuing the introduction of musical interpretations of the ABSOLUT brand. The four have produced unique tracks drawing on the brand’s heritage and using the ABSOLUT bottle itself for inspiration. The new project, ABSOLUT TRACKS, launches across Europe 7th October 2004.

The brief to the producers was simple, and exactly the same as the one presented to artists and designers since 1985: present an interpretation that expresses the ABSOLUT brand and iconic bottle.

ABSOLUT TRACKS - launches across Europe in October
ABSOLUT TRACKS - launches across Europe in October

The chosen artists represent explorers of the world of music whose r adical, challenging outlook synchronises perfectly with the ABSOLUT brand’s perspective on the creative world. For years the world’s most prominent artists and designers have interpreted the ABSOLUT brand. Nowadays, the world can listen to the brand as well.

The results from the four European producers invited to participate in the ABSOLUT TRACKS project show the diversity and talent of all involved:

ABSOLUT VADIM has DJ V adim’s distinct minimalist hip hop style and is built as a sparse landscape of sound. He found the inspiration for his track in the core values of ABSOLUT:

‘I always knew what ABSOLUT tastes like, but I put a lot of time wondering what it would sound like. I realized that the brand has a lot of common with the music I make, and I used the ABSOLUT bottle itself as a source of inspiration. Clarity and simplicity are always there in my music – and as ABSOLUT it always strives for perfection and looks for understated simplicity’ explains DJ V adim.

The ABSOLUT LOPEZ track is inspired by the story of ABSOLUT, as written on all the ABSOLUT bottles:

‘My ABSOLUT track is a very personal play on the unique history of the brand intertwined with the history of house music in Spain. I used the famous bottle as a source of inspiration on several levels; First of all I based the track on imaginary voyage an ABSOLUT bottle took from 1879, the first year of the brand’s existence until now, the year 2004. A 135-year long voyage as the carrier for a message in a bottle from one musician to another.’ explains Lopez.

Monica Kruse chose to use the core values of ABSOLUT, clarity, simplicity, perfection, against techno beats for her ABSOLUT KRUSE:

‘The record I’ve made is house-influenced – it’s a very positive track. I used my voice and distorted it – to create the same effect as you would if you look through the bottle and see a distorted vision of the world,’ explains Kruse.

ABSOLUT SIENKIEWICZ is a track that typifies the work of its producer and integrates the ABSOLUT bottle literally into the track. He says:

‘I thought it would be very difficult to make this track, but I spent a few evenings with the bottle and it was really easy in the end. I sampled the bottle – in the beginning it was full then it became empty – and used the sounds to make the hi-hat sound you hear in the track,’ says Sienkiewicz.


To get the full experience of the ABSOLUT TRACKS project, a mini site has been created. Far more than merely showcasing individual tracks, users can explore the device to audition and download four TRACKS, fast-forward or rewind to artist’s features, interviews, sound clips, portraits and other biographical information, and watch videos of each production.

‘On www.absoluttracks.com, Internet users will be able to download the whole site, music and interviews as well as images, to their MP3 players.

The closest thing the web has come to a r adio station you can watch, www.absoluttracks comprehensively answers the question: what does ABSOLUT sound like?

The tracks will be launched in October 2004 and will be available to download on www.absoluttracks.com

The ABSOLUT TRACKS initiative builds on the brand’s ABSOLUT THREE TRACKS programme, launched in 2003. Here, electronic producers Taxi, Rollercone and Aril Brikha delivered their interpretations of the distinctive ABSOLUT brand and bottle.



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