LATEST: Former DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Page Kennedy has angrily denied claims he was fired from the hit US drama for allegedly flashing two female colleagues.

American television network ABC dismissed the 28-year-old citing "improper conduct" - prompting intense speculation about Kennedy's on-set behaviour.

And now the actor, who played fugitive CALEB in the show, fears his reputation is irreparably tarnished.

He says, "I definitely need my city (Detroit) to know and understand what's going on. The truth is Touchstone decided to go in a different direction, and they bought out my contract. Anything you've heard to the contrary is all false.

"The challenge I have right now is trying to get the truth out as aggressively as they got the rumours out. That's the problem. If the truth isn't as juicy as the rumours, who cares? That's what sucks."