Recently dismissed DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Page Kennedy has written a rap song about his firing from the hit TV show.

The actor has released a rap track called HOLD ON via his website, chronicling his hiring and rapid firing from the series over an alleged flashing incident on the set.

He raps, "I'm wondering when I can hold up my chin/ When this nightmare'll finally end... Follow me as I show you/ What goes on in Hollywood/ Where everything is so wrong/ Where they build you up just to tear you down."

"Tabloids... started spreading all of these rumours and allegations/ Sad thing is they weren't even exaggerations/ They were complete lies and the media seems to stick together like fat guys and supersize fries.

"Let me set the record straight/ My departure was part of a particular incident/ That I'm done mentioning/ What else can I say/ They went another way/ They recast me/ Right after they unmasked me."