Mexican singer Pablo Montero will be forced to submit a DNA sample to confirm whether or not he fathered the child of a Costa Rican woman. Raquel Piedra is suing the star over claims he is the father of her son Daniel, but insists she does not want him to play a part in the child's life. She tells website, "His excuses are always evasive. He speaks sweetly and would always tell me 'I'm going to help you,' but when the time came, it was always just words. "When he found out he was going to be a father, he washed his hands of it; he didn't do anything. He washed his hands of my child as soon as he was born, never came back to Costa Rica, because he knows if he comes in he won't leave again." Piedra also claims Montero - who is expecting a child with Argentinean actress Sandra Vidal - would not be a good father, adding, "I don't think he has the necessary characteristics to be a father figure. I will always tell my son the truth."