Mexican singer/actor Pablo Montero has credited his faith in God with helping him to overcome a cocaine addiction that almost ruined his career.
The Latin Grammy nominee was arrested in Miami, Florida in 2007 after police found a stash of cocaine in his car. He faced a count of drug possession, but was sentenced to probation after agreeing to seek professional help.
He was jailed in 2008 for violating the terms of the deal but was later released on the condition that he finish a rehabilitation programme.
Montero completed his recovery stint in February (09), and he made an emotional visit to a rehabilitation centre on Friday (17Apr09) to share his experiences with other addicts in a bid to help them beat their drug demons.
The Catholic star spoke to 500 patients at Hogar Crea in Puerto Rico, where he later performed, revealing how his cocaine habit had caused him to isolate himself from family and friends before he received the wake-up call he needed after spending time in jail.
Calling God his "backbone", the 34-year-old added, "The last time I was in a place like this, I had not publicly commented about it. But I was three months in (rehab), and the truth is, I learned a lot.
"God sent me several signs. I never thought it would end in that."