Ozzy Osbourne and his family are at the centre of a work and pay battle between a production company and the Writers Guild of America (WGA).
The WGA has warned its members to ignore any request for writers to work on a new TV project that would feature the famous rock family in a variety style format, as the show is produced by Fremantle Media - a company that the union claims underpays staff.
Fremantle is currently shopping for writing talent to work on The Osbournes: Live and Dangerous, but is struggling after WGA chiefs urged members not to work for the company.
In an open letter, the WGA writes, "Any members who perform writing services on that show do so at their own peril."
WGA bosses claim they were in negotiations with Fremantle to sign a contract for their writers to work on the show, but allege the production company called off any further talks.
However, Fremantle suggest it was the WGA that decided to end negotiations.
In July (08) the union boycotted American Idol, insisting the hit U.S. TV talent contest underpays its staff.