Ozzy Osbourne will think twice about staying overnight in Prague, Czech Republic again - his last visit in June (07) cost him and longstanding sidekick Zakk Wylde $45,000 (GBP22,500). The rockers decided to throw a TV out of the window of their sixth floor suite after Ozzy revealed it was the only "rock `n' roll thing" he had never done. Wylde admits he knew the stunt would be expensive, but he was stunned when hotel bosses charged the pair $45,000 for the night. He tells Modern Guitars Magazine, "The next day, Oz got charged $34,000 because they couldn't use the suite for 34 days because the window was broke, which was bulls**t. "I got clipped $10,000 for that f**kin' TV. This TV must've f**kin' cost them about $500... I go, `This TV had better give a f**kin' b**wjob and a h**djob and eat my ass. $10,000 for a f**kin' TV? This thing's a f**kin' piece of s**t. "(So it was) $10,000 for a TV, about $1,000 in beer, $34,000 for the room, and the look on Ozzy's face? Priceless. You can't make this s**t up."