Ozzy Osbourne is still attracting the loving attentions of CHARLIZE THERON - even though she has only just learned he once bit the head off a live bat.

Theron recently admitted to having a crush on the hellraising rocker, and maintains her feelings for him despite learning about his legendary stage incident, which took place 23 years ago.

The Oscar-winning actress, currently dating Stuart Townsend, says, "I didn't grow up (listening to) BLACK SABBATH so I don't know his past. I just kind of grew up with him on that reality TV show. That's the guy I fell in love with.

"Everybody's like, 'He was biting heads off birds and rats.' That I'm not cool with. But (I adore) him kind of wobbling through his house going, "SHARON!'

"He's a sweetheart... I have a crush on a sweet guy."