Ozzy Osbourne's children AIMEE, JACK and KELLY have found the Christmas holidays slightly confusing season - because their mother SHARON raised them celebrating many different religions.

The rock family will spend this Christmas at Britain's WEXHAM PARK HOSPITAL in Slough, where Ozzy is recovering after cracking a vertebra in his neck and breaking a collarbone and ribs after a near-fatal quad bike accident at his nearby Buckinghamshire mansion.

But while Aimee, Kelly and Jack were growing up, they spent many found themselves celebrating a range of special dates.

Sharon says, "I do love the holidays - Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa... whatever it is, I join in - all religions. I'm like a mutt myself; I'm a bit of everything and I celebrate everybody's religious holiday and every festive holiday there is.

"When my kids were little I used to take them to Catholic church for Easter, and then we'd go to a temple for Hanukkah and a church for Christmas day.

"They were very confused but they loved it all. I just think it's nice to celebrate everything.

"My husband hates Christmas because he thinks that it's been over-exploited and the true meaning of Christmas has gone because he says that people ruin everything. But I still like it because I like to shop! Seriously, I like to give people gifts. I really love giving gifts to people."

23/12/2003 09:07