Ozzy Osbourne's household has yet another canine resident, thanks to the rocker's wife SHARON.

The couple already have 10 dogs living with them in their Beverly Hills, California, home - as well as two others in their native Britain.

But animal-loving Sharon couldn't resist the opportunity to pick up yet another pooch for the household when she was travelling to the studio to film her SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW yesterday (06OCT03).

She says, "RUBY is a new member of the Osbourne household. Literally, this morning, she was in a pet shop in a cage and I just had to let her go. So she's now here with us." But Ruby's arrival has already caused controversy with one of the other Osbourne pets.

Sharon explains, "I've had to put MINNIE away because she very jealous!"

07/10/2003 02:58