LATEST: Ozzy Osbourne and wife SHARON made a tearful confession on American TV after their daughter Kelly Osbourne was admitted to rehab - branding themselves failed parents.

Whilst appearing live on the US talk show Larry King LIVE last Friday (2APR04), just hours after their reformed addict son JACK had driven the SHUT UP! star to the PROMISES DRUG + ALCOHOL REHABILITATION ADDICTION CENTRE, the couple broke down and told of their shame.

The self proclaimed Prince of Darkness, Ozzy said: "For every good thing that's happened to the Osbournes, we've had an equal share of bad, Sharon got cancer, I fell off my bike, my son went into my daughter's in rehab."

Sharon added, "I'm angry, I feel I've failed again - he's failed again, I just can't take it."

After the show Ozzy was heard weeping, "Oh my God, my daughter! This f***ing family's cursed."

04/04/2004 14:04