LATEST: Stolen gold and silver discs won by Ozzy Osbourne's band BLACK SABBATH have been recovered after thieves dumped them behind recycling bins.

The discs were reported missing last week (ends17DEC04) after a burglary at the home of Osbourne's former manager PATRICK MEEHAN, in Kent, England.

Kent Police say an anonymous tip led them to the eight discs, found today (22DEC04) in a plastic bag dumped behind trash cans.

Two other discs stolen in the haul - which included the albums MASTER OF REALITY, PARANOID and Black Sabbath, VOL. 4 - had already been returned after being offered for sale on internet auction website eBAY.

The break-in came just weeks after Osbourne unsuccessfully tackled a burglar, who stole $3.6 million (GBP2 million) worth of jewels from his family's mansion in Buckinghamshire, England.

22/12/2004 22:07