Ozzy Osbourne has passed his driving test - 30 years after his first attempt.

The 60-year-old rocker, who previously battled drink and drug addictions, is thrilled to finally get his licence but admits he can't remember how many times he failed his test.

The former Black Sabbath star - who took his first driving exam in 1974 - told Britain's The Independent newspaper: "I've lost count how many times. I remember one time I was doing the three-point turn and I passed out because I'd been to the doctor's earlier and got some Valium for my nerves.

"Some examiners would say, 'I'm not even f***ing getting in the car with you'."

Although he is now allowed to get behind the wheel, Ozzy admits he has illegally driven with his wife Sharon Osbourne, 57, on numerous occasions, and was once arrested.

He said: "I bought a brand new Mercedes AMG and took Sharon to Tramps club. I drank a load of alcohol and then went down a one-way street the wrong way. I got arrested. It's not everyday you go out in a brand new Mercedes and come home in a police van."