TV presenter SHARON OSBOURNE suffered a miscarriage in the early eighties when her father's guard dogs mauled her - and her parents "didn't give a s***" about it.

The vicious attack, when she was pregnant for the first time with husband Ozzy, took place when she visited her parents' home in Britain following a stint living in America with the BLACK SABBATH star.

As she entered the property, her dad DON ARDEN's dogs pounced and savaged her.

Sharon still can't forgive her late mother HOPE for refusing to help her when she discovered her daughter in a bloody state on the floor - and refused to even attend her funeral four years ago (99).

She says, "The dogs ripped me apart and I lost the baby. He (her father) didn't set them on me to be truthful. Because I had been living in America and not in England, the dogs didn't know me.

"Three of them went for me and just tore me apart. My mother found me and she wasn't sympathetic at all - her husband came first in her life.

"I ran next door to my brother who called an ambulance and got me to hospital. My parents, though, didn't give a s***."

02/12/2003 13:34