LATEST: SHARON OSBOURNE says discovering her daughter KELLY was taking drugs completed a "jigsaw" in her head.

The reality TV show star and her husband Ozzy insisted Kelly check into a California rehab clinic at the end of last week (02APR03) after discovering she was taking painkillers.

And Sharon admits she was partly relieved - because it helped clear up why her daughter had behaved so oddly.

She explains, "It was like a jigsaw piece and it was like the last piece that finishes the picture of like, 'Now I understand why she's been behaving the way she's been behaving.'

"I like to think precocious behaviour and temper tantrums are down to being precocious and down to being spoiled and everything comes so easy, and she's under a lot of pressure because everything she does is talked about.

"It all just built up and I was like, 'How could I have been so dumb, so blind not to have realised that she was behaving the way she was... because she had a problem?'

"Not once did I put it together - the way she would go out looking some nights. I thought, 'That's her rebelling.' What is that fine line that a parent say to themselves, 'OK this is not normal behaviour for a teenager?'"

09/04/2004 09:20