SHARON OSBOURNE spurns conventional therapy - because she works out all her troubles by cleaning her toilet in the middle of the night.

The wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne often worries when she should be sleeping, and finds herself scrubbing.

She says, "I'm a midnight cleaner. In the middle of the night there are things I'll go over in my mind and I get up and have to scrub the tops in the kitchen and the cooker. I'm obsessive like that.

"If I'm sitting on the toilet and I'm looking at the grouting on the tiles, that grouting really gets me. Mothers have something about grouting.

"I have bleach by the toilet and a scrubbing brush and I will sit on the toilet and I spray the bleach. I scrub and then I come out of the toilet smelling like bleach. I'm the only person that comes out smelling of bleach. I have to do it while I'm there or it bothers me."

30/10/2003 17:19