Wild rocker Ozzy Osbourne's marriage nearly collapsed in the early 1980s - after wife SHARON cheated on him with his band's guitarist RANDY RHOADS.

The shocking revelation was made public by Sharon in the family's new tome Ordinary People, which charts their incredible lives through the eyes of all members of the Osbourne clan - including children AIMEE, KELLY and JACK.

And Sharon, 51, admits that the subject of her infidelity with Rhoads - who died in a plane crash in 1982 - is off limits as far as her husband is concerned, because he finds the incident too painful to deal with.

Sharon writes, "When I talk about the early days of the love affair between Ozzy and me, I have to be honest - it wasn't just the two of us.

"Randy was a vital part of the tale. When Ozzy and I weren't speaking we turned to Randy, and when we were on loving terms he was there too. On the road we often ended up in the back of the tour bus together, watching TV and dozing off without thinking anything of it.

"Not that we were having sex with each other. There was one time I was with Randy. Ozzy knows about it but has never wanted to discuss it. That's his way of dealing with it.

But don't read any dissatisfaction into it. Ozzy knows the one-time occurrence was loving, not lustful. And he was just as in love with Randy as I was. He still cries when talking about Randy. So do I."

02/12/2003 02:25