Ozzy Osbourne's manager wife SHARON is fighting a battle against bulimia, 35 years after first developing the eating disorder.

The redhead mother-of-three, 52, is receiving treatment for the disease, which has blighted her life since her teenage years.

Sharon says, "Ozzy and the children know and they get so upset for me. They are terrified for me.

"I'm still bulimic. It's bad, but I'm really trying to get better. I stuff myself with ice cream or pasta, then rush to the loo and make myself sick.

"I've had a weight problem since I was a child. I was fat, thin, fat, up and down."

Only five years ago (00) Sharon weighed 16 stone, but rapidly lost weight after having her stomach stapled.

Sharon explains, "Some people do drink and drugs, but for me it's food, food, food. It's about having low self-esteem.

"I resisted therapy for years, but now I see a therapist once a week and if it's bad I do a phone session. I used to vomit four times a day. Now it's once a week, which is a huge improvement."