A quirky Californian lady has turned Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne into wacky toys - made out of horse excrement.

KAREN ENGELMANN, who runs website WWW.TURDBIRDS.COM, makes bird-like figures out of horse faeces she collects near her home in Lodi.

And Sharon Osbourne was so impressed with her 'c**p gift', she called Engelmann during one of her recent chat shows to get more information.

Engelmann explained, "I was really stuck one year for presents for a group of friends and they turned out to be a hit.

"I have to go and collect each and every specimen I have abandoned barbecue tongs and yellow dishwashing gloves and tote bags and I won't touch them until I've coated them in plastic."

The Sharon and Ozzy TurdBirds, which come complete with leather and leopard-skin outfits, are Engelmann's first celebrity offering.

21/04/2004 17:24