Former QUIET RIOT star KELLY GARNI has poured scorn on Ozzy and SHARON OSBOURNE's public show of love for tragic guitarist RANDY RHOADS, claiming they abused the rocker.

The Osbournes attended Rhoads' recent pavement honour on the Hollywood Rock Walk and have spoken openly about their love for the rock star, who was once Ozzy's right-hand man.

But Garni, who was one of Rhoads' closest friends, claims the couple were anything but pleasant to the guitarist while he was alive.

Garni says, "They didn't care about his happiness."

The bass player even claims Ozzy once "punched" Rhoads when he told the former BLACK SABBATH star he wanted to leave his band.

Speaking about his pal's final days before he died in a plane crash, Garni adds, "Randy wasn't happy in the end. He wanted out. There's a lot of friction between me and Ozzy because I speak my mind about that.

"Him and Sharon paint this lovely picture - 'Randy could have left any time he wanted. Whatever Randy wanted, we wanted. To see him happy, that was the most important thing.' Bulls**t.

"They wouldn't let him out of his contract. They threatened him... Ozzy punched him when Randy said he wanted to leave... They were adamant about not losing him.

"You could almost say that was the only way he was ever going to get out of it. They weren't going to let him go."

21/04/2004 02:29