Rock wildman Ozzy Osbourne horrified German record executives by branding them "Nazis" after they invited him for dinner.

The BLACK SABBATH star, who was at the height of his substance-abusing hell in the late 1970s, further amazed the music moguls by performing an elaborate display of offensive gestures and Adolf Hitler impersonations - and his long-suffering wife SHARON witnessed the carnage first-hand.

She recalls, "When I look back now I can only see the funny side, but this was career-destroying behaviour.

"The German record company have organised a formal dinner.

"We're there for a gig and Ozzy is out of his mind. He strips off all but his socks and shoes.

"He gets on the table, puts his right index finger under his nose to look like Hitler and with his left arm extended starts to goose-step on the table.

"He then picks up the boss' glass, plops his balls into the wine and bangs the glass back on the table.

"'You're all f**king Nazis over here,' Ozzy said. Then he sits on the head honcho's lap, wraps his legs around him, says, 'Kiss me, you f**ker' and sticks his tongue down his throat."