Ozzy Osbourne's former detox doctor has been publicly reprimanded for poor record keeping by the Medical Board Of California. Beverly Hills physician Dr. David Kipper is accused of over-prescribing addictive drugs to celebrity clients, including Osbourne. He has been under investigation by Medical Board officials for the past nine years, during which time Osbourne himself filed a complaint against Kipper, claiming the doctor's medications left him a virtual insomniac, afraid to go to sleep for fear he wouldn't wake up. Three years ago the Medical Board bosses accused Kipper of gross negligence in the care of eight high-profile patients. They threatened to take away his medical license. But the doctor's legal team claims the "slap on the wrist" reprimand, which has been made public two months after Kipper was alerted of the board's findings, is a victory. Lawyer John D. Harwell tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "Our client has been completely vindicated of any wrongdoing."