Hellraising rocker Ozzy Osbourne regrets not being a better role model when his son JACK faced drug rehab - he was in a worse state himself.

The former Black Sabbath frontman, whose daughter KELLY has also spent time in a rehabilitation centre, realises he should have set a better example to both his kids when they battled their drug and drink addictions.

Ozzy says, "I'm not exactly a role model, am I?

"When Jack went into the clinic, I was popping pills left, right and centre when I was visiting him.

"How can I tell my kids, 'Never smoke cigarettes' when I've got a fag hanging out my gob?

"Or tell 'em not to touch alcohol when I'm on my 10th lager of the day?

"Jack cleaned up before I did. I learnt far more from him than he ever learnt from me.

"I taught him how to become a drug addict. He taught me how to stop all that s**t.

"I haven't touched any drugs or done any drink for nearly eight months now."

04/02/2005 17:37