Rocker Ozzy Osbourne is so popular his old house still attracts thrilled tourists - even though he hasn't lived there for three decades.

The ex-BLACK SABBATH singer, who is still recovering from his horrific quad bike crash in December (03), used to live in a four bedroom cottage in the sleepy village of Ranton in Staffordshire, England, with his first wife THELMA and their two children - but the current owner was shocked to find people peering over into her back garden one day.

PHILLIPA STIGWOOD reveals, "We had a group of people leaning over the fence to take photographs. They were Americans tracing his background."

Any Ozzy fan who wants to get closer to him can now go one step further, as the property has just been put on the market for $807,500 (GBP475,000).

13/01/2004 13:53