Ozzy Osbourne's eldest daughter AIMEE has prompted Los Angeles police to launch an investigation into THE SIMPLE LIFE star Nicole Richie after claiming the socialite is harassing her.

The reclusive Osbourne has told cops that Richie, the daughter of soul star Lionel Richie, has been making harassing phone calls to her.

West Hollywood Police Sergeant NEIL MURCHISON confirms, "Aimee Osbourne came into the station to file a police report against Nicole Richie.

"The report claims that Richie and a friend, Casey Johnson, made numerous annoying phone calls to Aimee."

Murchison reveals that, as a result of the complaint, he is now heading up an "active police investigation" into Osbourne's allegations.

The two socialites were once great friends but fell out when they both fell for Cher's rocker son ELIJAH BLUE ALLMAN.

18/03/2004 21:18