Rocker Ozzy Osbourne was joking on the way to hospital despite twice "dying" following his quad-bike last month (08DEC03), according to the bodyguard who saved his life.

Retired cop and trained medic SAM RUSTON, 45, was the only witness to the horrific accident at Ozzy's Buckinghamshire, England estate, and quickly administered first aid to the singer, who had turned purple and had rolled back eyes.

But despite his life-threatening injuries, Ozzy - who stopped breathing twice immediately after the accident - was soon in high spirits again.

Ruston says, "Ozzy rode down a hill. Suddenly, he hit a pothole and the front of the bike buried itself in the ground while the back end shot up, throwing Ozzy over the handlebars.

"He landed head-first and started rolling down, with the bike following. I was horrified. Eventually he stopped and the bike landed on his back and left shoulder.

"Ozzy was face-down in the dirt, his arm and leg twisted. I rode down to him and turned him on to his side as fast as I could.

"There was no sign of life whatsoever. He wasn't breathing. There was no heartbeat. Nothing. I stuck my fingers in his mouth because he had swallowed his tongue. Then I pinched his nose and gave four good breaths into his mouth.

"I watched his chest rise and then, thankfully, Ozzy started to cough. He was vomiting and spluttering. I noticed blood in his saliva, which told me he had a punctured lung.

"Although he was breathing, he went into a seizure and started convulsing. Every now and then he'd say, 'I'm all right,' before having another seizure.

"I told him to lie down but he was shouting and cursing, saying, 'Get the f*** off me!'

"Finally, we got him to the ambulance and they stretchered him on board. In the ambulance he was still talking and, at times, joking. It was incredible."

07/01/2004 02:32