British rocker Ozzy Osbourne is urging Queen Elizabeth II to award him a knighthood.

The former BLACK SABBATH star, whose hellraising reputation peaked when he bit the head off a live bat during a stage performance, is convinced he deserves the prestigious honour.

His wife SHARON says, "Ozzy is just obsessing on this right now, because he's saying, 'I worked so hard, I've given so much to charity and I want it because I want you to be a lady.' And that just makes me feel so good. I want him to be a sir!"

Ozzy met the monarch backstage after he performed at a pop concert to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her reign, in June 2002.

According to Ozzy, the Queen smirked when she met him, saying, "I understand you're the wild one?"

23/01/2004 09:26