Ozzy Osbourne was desperate to stop performing at his annual heavy metal Ozzfest concert tour, but his wife SHARON refused to let him quit. Osbourne has often talked of stepping back from the festival bearing his name and allowing it to go on without him, but partner and manager Sharon won't hear of it. He explains, "I keep saying to Sharon, from Day 1, how long will this go on for?" Soon after the close of last year's tour (05), there was talk the veteran rocker would make 2006 his final tour headlining the festival. The 57-year-old agreed to play only six dates at the beginning of this year's tour (06), which then expanded to 10 and then 14. Osbourne now dismisses any suggestions he will stop performing during the festival and has resigned himself to the fact that the show must go on. He adds, "I wanted to take a year off, but it's called the Ozzfest, and it's pretty stupid if the person whose name is on it ain't there."