Ozzy Osbourne has upset fans of heavy rock by adding Jada Pinkett Smith's pop metal group WICKED WISDOM to his 2005 Ozzfest line-up.

The group, said to be a favourite of OZZY OSBOURNE's manager/wife SHARON, have been selected as a surprise addition to the tour's second stage, prompting metal fans to deluge the Ozzfest website with hate mail.

One upset devotee writes, "RIP Ozzfest" after hearing the news, while another threatens Smith's group with a rubbish attack, stating, "Wicked Wisdom will be pelted by every loose object on the Ozzfest grounds."

Smith's group will join Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, VELVET Revolver and Mudvayne among others on the heavy rock tour.

The Ozzfest dates will mark Wicked Wisdom's first full North American tour. The group previously supported Britney Spears in Europe on her ONYX HOTEL TOUR last year (04) and they've also opened for rockers Papa Roach.

Other messages posted on the website, state, "If they opened for Britney Spears, then they must suck," and, "This is going to cause a f**king riot... Bring your steel-toed boots!"

Ozzfest 2005 kicks off in Mansfield, Massachusetts, on 15 July (05).

18/05/2005 21:34