LATEST: Veteran rocker Ozzy Osbourne is reportedly pleading with his teenage daughter KELLY to give her ailing music career one more chance.

Following cancelled tour dates and poor performances while supporting Robbie Williams, Kelly had decided to quit being a popstar for good.

But former Black Sabbath member Ozzy thinks his 18-year-old daughter should stick it out, and join him on stage in September (03).

A source tells British tabloid THE DAILY STAR, "Ozzy's being really supportive and telling her that it's just a glitch in her career, not something she should quit over.

"He's lending Kelly the benefit of his experience and is really keen for her to give it one more go.

"Ozzy's idea is that she take a bit of time off and then come back to support him when he plays over here in September."

13/08/2003 01:47