Wildman rocker Ozzy Osbourne was reduced to a nervous wreck when his family's hit reality TV show The Osbournes became a hit, because fans tried to enter his house.

The Black Sabbath frontman and his family quickly became household names when their MTV show became a surprise audience-puller in 2002, but the resulting frenzy left Ozzy fearing for his family's safety.

Now in it's fourth and final series, the smash hit show has pulled in a staggering $87.4 million (GBP46 million), plus $51.68 million (GBP27.2 million) in merchandising.

He says, "To be honest, I realised something was up after the first show. It was that instant. People were trying to get into the f**king house.

"Sharon and I went out in Beverly Hills, and we were in this sort of open market. I turned around to her and said, 'It's like the world has changed around me. I don't know if it's my ego, but I'm convinced everyone is watching me.'

"Then this one guy comes up to me and asks for an autograph. Before you know it we're f**king besieged."

13/03/2005 14:38