Ozzy Osbourne has sparked a large-scale police investigation after he was conned into thinking he was to receive a top Canadian honour.

The rocker thought he had received an official letter from Canada's Prime Minister PAUL MARTIN and agreed to talk with the premier over the phone about accepting the key to Montreal - even though he feared the whole thing was a prank.

But when he started talking to the man he thought was Martin - as featured in the new OSBOURNES TV series - Ozzy became convinced he was the subject of a hoax.

The rocker insisted his aides check out the call and letter, and after discovering the whole thing was indeed a prank, Canadian and Los Angeles police were alerted and are now trying to figure out who the hoaxer is.

A spokesman for Ozzy says, "That letter and email and phone call were a hoax.

"The police are going to be proceeding with trying to prosecute these people because they've actually put the Prime Minister's signature on the document, which is highly illegal, and he can be imprisoned for up to 15 years.

Ozzy says, "It could be an assassin or something."

15/04/2004 09:22