Ailing reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne is penning a rock opera about Siberian mystic RASPUTIN.

The metal man, currently recovering from a quad bike accident in WEXHAM PARK HOSPITAL, Slough, England, says he relates to the eccentric monk, who influenced the tragic Russian royals CZAR NICHOLAS II and his wife ALEXANDRA.

Rasputin survived many assassination attempts by courtiers concerned over his hold on the royal family, who went on to be executed by a Bolshevik firing squad in 1918. Rasputin was eventually killed when he was tied up and thrown into a river in 1916.

Ozzy explains, "I want to stop touring so much and do a Broadway musical on Rasputin. Someone I can identify with."

THE OSBOURNES star has already written several songs for the show, which he plans to bring to Manhattan's theatre scene in 2005.

28/12/2003 14:02