Ozzy Osbourne is preparing for his first live tour since a quad bike accident left him fighting for his life by singing along to his past concert recordings.

The rocker is paranoid that his voice won't be up to live performances on this summer's (04) Ozzfest tour after spending months in a neck brace.

And Osbourne, who has been jogging to get himself in shape for the concerts, is singing along to his old live albums to make sure he doesn't disappoint fans.

He explains, "I'm going to sing along to that and see if there's any difference.

"I like to give myself a challenge, and my challenge for this year is to get fit enough to do the Ozzfest tour. I'm kind of frightened, because you never really know until you get up there.

"I've got steel rods and all kinds of s*** in my body now."

04/06/2004 02:28