Ozzy Osbourne used to ask women if he could watch TV at their house in a secret bid to bed them.

The Black Sabbath rocker - who has been married to Sharon Osbourne since 1982 - has confessed he used to dupe unsuspecting women into letting him watch TV at their house when what he really wanted to do was "get them in the sack".

He explained: "I always had a great chat-up line for The Birds. After a night out, I'd say, 'Can I come back to your house and watch your telly?' It was brilliant because it made it sound like all I wanted to do was catch up on the News at Ten, when I was planning to get them in the sack.

"Nobody fell for it, though. Most of the time they just went, 'I ain't got a telly'."

However, it could have been the musician's choice of footwear that was putting the ladies off, as he admitted he used to have a penchant for wearing glittery platform shoes.

Ozzy added to the Sunday Times Magazine: "I ain't short but I used to wear glittery platform things in the 1970s and I thought they were the dogs' b******s."