Ozzy Osbourne is convinced his daredevil son will kill himself.

The Black Sabbath rocker - whose son Jack, 23, stars in TV show 'Adrenalin Junkie', where he faces a mixture of endurance challenges and stunts - said he thinks he's gone "crazy".

The 60-year-old said: "He's got more f***ing guns than the Army.

"My job is to point out what can happen. Jack goes bungee-jumping, sky-diving. I mean, even the guys who invented sky-diving all f***ing died - while sky-diving!"

Ozzy also said he was concerned his son had replaced one addiction - alcohol and painkillers - with another.

He said: "He needed help and went into rehab. So he's stopped all that. And now he's sky-diving instead. What can I do?"

The veteran rocker said he was terrified he would get a call one day to tell him Jack had died.

He added: "He told me he wants to bungee-jump off a helicopter, over an active volcano."